Tes Kepribadian, lagi..

Niat awalnya ingin mencari tahu tentang sertifikasi di dunia Linux, saya ketemu dengan situs ini. Di situ saya melihat banyak layanan setifikasi yang ditawarkan. Satu yang menarik bagi saya saat itu adalah ternyata ia juga menyediakan tes kepribadian. Saya memang sejak lama tertarik pada “kemampuan manusia beradaptasi dengan dirinya dan orang lain”. Tapi sayang, sampai saat ini saya belum punya kesempatan untuk mempelajarinya dengan serius dalam lembaga formal (baca:bangku kuliah).. Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya pernah mencoba tes kepribadian di http://www.mypersonality.info Hasilnya bisa teman-teman lihat pada widget di blog ini, atau dapat juga melalui link ini.

Setelah menjawab 60 pertanyaan yang diberikan, akhirnya hasilnya pun keluar. Berikut salinan dari email yang dikirimkan kepada saya.

Dear Yuan Wianda:

Here are your Brainbench Personality Assessment Results.
Please review these results carefully and refer to the
interpretation notes at the bottom.



Your Social Boldness: Introverted VS Extraverted
You are quite introverted. Socially, you prefer a more
relaxed, low-key environment, rather than the hustle and
bustle of a wild night in the city. You tend not to talk a
lot, but when you do people listen, because when you say
something it has meaning. You are not seeking the
limelight, usually you prefer to let the attention-mongers
do their thing while you observe. In an unfamiliar setting,
you tend to be cautious and shy while you evaluate the
circumstances. You prefer to avoid conflict, so you do not
put yourself into a threatening situation. Your shyness may
be perceived as unfriendly, but that could not be further
from the truth. People need to be patient with you and take
the time to get to know the complex, private you.

Your Agreeableness: Candid VS Considerate
You are quite considerate. You are a popular person, aren’t
you? Of course you are. You truly value harmony in dealing
with others.  People recognize your friendly, generous, and
helpful personality. Your easy-going, agreeable nature
makes you such a joy to be around. This is especially true
in meetings or general conversations. The topic may become
heated, but you are considerate of other’s feelings and you
will find a happy medium in order to placate those around
you. This is because you have an optimistic view of human
nature and you realize that if you trust people with their
decisions that they are not trying to hurt you or take
advantage of you. This special and rare quality is also
seen in your altruism. You enjoy helping others. To you it
is not a sacrifice; to you it is fulfilling to help others
in need.

Your Self-Control: Impulsive VS Cautious
You are moderately impulsive. At times you can be
impulsive, but not to the point where you are jeopardizing
work or relationships. You know when to follow rules, but
you also know when to bend rules that are not set in stone.
If your home or work space gets a little messy, you do not
get upset or feel compelled to tidy up. You do not have to
have perfect order in your life to feel good about yourself
or your environment. You tend to be more on the fun side of
spontaneity, and enjoy being flexible with your plans and
your life. In general, you prefer to make short-term goals
rather than long-term goals.

Your Anxiety Level: Excitable VS Relaxed
You are quite excitable. You do not like stressful
situations. You tend to react emotionally to stress, which
can lead to bad moods, or even anxiety, anger, or
depression. You like to be treated fairly, and may become
upset if you sense that someone is trying to cheat you. You
may find urges and cravings irresistible to the point that
you are giving into them even if you know you will regret
it or feel guilty later. Sometimes you may feel
uncomfortable in social situations, even thinking that
others are judging you. This self-consciousness may show
through as shyness, because you do not want people to think
poorly of you. You tend to worry and are apprehensive in
unfamiliar circumstances.

Your Openness to Change: Practical VS Imaginative
You are quite practical. You want just the facts – keep it
plain and simple. You are practical, pragmatic and well
grounded. You have no time for carelessness and
impracticality. You prefer to keep your emotions to
yourself, rather than exposing your feelings to the world.
Life moves along much better for you when you can maintain
a schedule and have routine in your life. Unexpected
surprises and chaos are a major inconvenience to you.  You
tend to be conservative and are somewhat resistant to
change. Others respect your ability to act properly in your
everyday life.

The way you Think/Reason: Concrete VS Abstract
You are moderately concrete in your thinking. Your
intellectual style is related to superior job performance
when working with the public.  One reason for this is that
you often prefer dealing with people or things rather than


Contemplative Mode = On

3 responses to “Tes Kepribadian, lagi..

  1. norjik January 20, 2009 at 3:32 am

    wah kl saya koq gk PD ya mau test bginian apg harus di pampang di blog he..3x. Soalnya hasilnya psti memalukan hik’s :d

  2. pia January 20, 2009 at 5:08 am

    pernah nyoba, hasilnya introvert sekali…

  3. yuan January 20, 2009 at 11:35 am

    @Mas Imam
    he..he..he.. gpp toh, Mas.. tu kan test secara umum aja.. 😀

    koq g ditaruh di blogna..?

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